8 Simple Meat And Potatoes Recipes That Are Budget Friendly

Delicious Meat & Potatoes recipe

Meat And Potatoes Recipes That Won’t Break The Bank

One of our goals here at Bottom Kitchen is to share delicious yet budget friendly recipes that won’t break the bank. Check out 8 simple meat and potatoes recipes here that are absolutely delicious. We search the internet for great recipes so you don’t have to!

1. Instant Pot Ground Beef Stew

If you haven’t thought about using ground beef in stew then you need to think again! This hearty and filling stew is a budget friendly meat and potatoes superstar! The ground beef makes sure you get meat in every bite. An Instant Pot makes this ground beef recipe super quick to make.

2. Garlic Butter Steak and Potatoes

Sirloin steak might not be the most glamourous piece of meat but when cooked right it is absolutely delicious. This is definitely a next level meat and potato recipe that you can make fairly fast and without a ton of ingredients.

3. Mexican Picadillo

Mexican Picadillo recipe.  Mexican meat and potatoes.
Recipe By: HouseOfYumm.com

If you are looking for some serious flavor then this is the meat and potatoes recipe for you! Mexican picadillo is easy to make, budget friendly and full of amazing flavor! Mexican picadillo is a great way to stretch your ground beef by the addition of the potatoes. You can serve this up with sides or put it in tacos, burritos or on some rice.

4. Kotlety Russian Meat Patties

Kotlety, meat and potatoes recipe from Russia
Recipe By: WholeMadeLiving.com

These Russian meat patties are absolutely delicious and use a mix of ground beef and ground pork. The flavors in this little meat patty are amazing and definitely worth making this recipe. Pair this with mashed potatoes and you will have a tasty and easy to make meal in no time!

5. Hamburger Casserole

No collection of meat and potato recipes would be complete without a hamburger casserole recipe! This recipe is budget friendly, tastes great and doesn’t take a lot of prep work. The meat, potatoes and cheese meld together in every bite and make this comfort food a family favorite!

6. Oven Baked Pork Chops With Potatoes

When talking about meat and potato recipes you can’t forget about pork! These savory sweet roasted pork chops are really easy to make and pair amazingly with the roasted potatoes. You definitely won’t be disappointed with this recipe!

7. Cheesy Potato Smoked Sausage Casserole

This is the definition of comfort food right here! Smoked sausage in a cheesy casserole is hard to beat and this recipe does it justice! This is definitely a budget friendly casserole that does not skimp on flavor. Easy prep make this meat and potato recipe a great option for busy families.

8. Instant Pot Ground Pork Vindaloo with Potatoes

If you have an Instant Pot then this flavor packed ground pork vindaloo needs to be on your list of meat and potato recipes to make! It is spicy, tangy and will definitely not disappoint. It’s fairly fast to prep and cook and will make your mouth water with the smells! Definitely worth giving this recipe a try!

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